Sheet materials are 2D — MICREX makes them 3D

Smart companies worldwide have learned how to create new products using the Micrex Process. We can help you transform your nonwovens, papers, films, textiles and composite structures to dramatically alter their physical properties. Add dimensionality to enhance elasticity and stretch, absorbency, bulk, softness, drape, decorative effects, pre-shrinking, and more and to radically expand the range of options for your sheet materials.

Micrex Technology is applicable to a range of sheet materials and is used in a wide range of applications by companies worldwide.

Learn all about MICREX

Find out more about our compressive treatment technology and how we can enhance your products.

Micrex has demonstrated its capability as a strong, innovative and committed partner for some of the largest and most sophisticated companies in the world in a wide range of industries.


It’s easy to test out new product ideas with MICREX as often as you like.

Micrex technology is applied using an empirical model based on trials.  With three lab scale machines in our production facility, we can produce all nine configurations of the Micrex/Microcreper and efficiently test your product under a wide range of  conditions, quickly arriving at a go/no go gate toward further development.

Based on the success of these initial “screening trials” for your product, we can seamlessly move through developmental and then production trials. Our extensive know-how allows us to optimize the final product to fit with your objectives.

We maintain one 2.2 meter, one 1.7 meter and one 3.0 meter Micrex/Microcreper systems at our facility outside of Boston in the United States. This equipment is available for research and development, production testing and long or short-term contract converting on all nine configurations of the Micrex/Microcreper.

As Micrex can achieve high equipment utilization and efficiency, contract converting is the low-cost way to utilize the Micrex Process.

Long Term Contract Converting / Equipment Purchase / Technology License

Micrex offers ongoing contract converting services, as well as the option to purchase equipment. This enables a successful product to eventually be taken “in-house”.

  • Free Screening Trials

    Screening trials are the entry point for most companies’ exploration of Micrex Technology. The program is designed to be a quick, easy, and essentially cost-free method of learning about how Micrex can alter the properties of your materials.

  • Contract Converting

    At Micrex we believe in absolute transparency in pricing. Contract converting at a 1.7 meter width is based on valuing machine time at $300 per hour. This allows a cost per unit of length to be calculated.

  • Equipment

    When volume grows to a level that justifies investment in equipment, Micrex/Microcrepers can be built as complete turnkey systems, including all ancillary equipment. They can also be purchased individually, along with a custom selection of ancillaries.

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