Methods of Material Selection and Optimization

Microcreping delivers a new method of material optimization: many successful commercial Microcreped products have resulted when characteristics of the incoming substrate were also optimized for Microcreping.

Learn how material optimization can reduce costs and improve performance.

Best Practices for Roll Goods Trials


The product development process starts with a trial, and at Micrex, every new product we develop also started this way. We’d like to share what we’ve learned about the trial process to help ensure that your next trial a success.

Roll Goods Trials – Best Practices

Our Product Is Our Technology

At the recent IDEA 2016 Show we were often asked — “What are you selling?” This was a reasonable question as most companies were presenting commodity products.

There are no “Micrex wipes” or “Micrex bandages” – At Micrex, our product is our technology.

IDEA 2016

We collaborate with some of the most creative Research & Development organizations in the world. Micrex may be viewed externally as a contract convertor or equipment manufacturer by some, but at our core we are focused on new products.

To see what we can do now and in the future, we suggest that you focus on how The Micrex Process alters product properties, such as bulk, stretch and extensibility, pre-shrinking, absorbency, decorative effects and softness on a wide range of substrates.

The real question is: how can these attributes be used to enhance your existing products or enable a whole new product category. Every product developed with Micrex technology was once a new product.

Microcreping and Composites

What does a ham and cheese sandwich have to do with Microcreping?

We like to use it as an example of what you can do to transform your materials. Many materials that would benefit from Microcreping will not process due to complications with temperature, fiber length, or a variety of other factors.

At Micrex, we can successfully Microcrepe these materials by building a composite “sandwich”: your material (the “ham and cheese” in our diagram) is placed between layers of a material that can be Microcreped. The Micrex®/Microcreper™ processes the whole “sandwich” to create a new product.

IDEA 2016 – Boston

INDA’s IDEA 2016 Conference and Exhibition will be held in Boston on May 3-5, 2016.

Micrex will be exhibiting at stand 1327. We look forward to connecting with our global customers.

For those unfamiliar with the show or the area, IDEA is North America’s main nonwovens (a.k.a. engineered fabrics) event and is held every three years.

Boston is a visitor-friendly city. Here a couple of tips to make your trip a success:

  • Make your hotel reservations well in advance. As a popular tourist destination, Boston has a shortage of hotels rooms. Staying outside the city can make for long commutes.
  • Assuming you followed our first suggestion, there is no need to rent a car in the city. Boston is very walkable and has a good public transportation system.

Check back in a few months – Micrex will offer some “local knowledge” for visitors to Boston.

Rethinking Textile Replacements

The disposable paper dress, in 1966 a revelation and new development, has proven to be a failure. The nonwoven substrates available at that time made unappealing, uncomfortable products.

Since then, the nonwovens industry has developed, and the time is right for new, improved products to replace textiles, going beyond fashion and the paper dress, such as hospital bed sheets, tablecloths and window treatments.

This is where Micrex technology comes in:

Paper dress


You can use Micrex’s technology to transform nonwovens from 2D into 3D materials. You can also add properties such as softness and stretch, more closely matching the desired qualities of textiles than ever before:

Add softness: get rid of harshness in your sheet material.

Turn 2D into 3D: add three dimensional effects to your nonwovens. At Micrex, we have been adding these 3D effects to several grades of nonwovens for years.

Add extensibility (comfort stretch): at the same time as adding a decorative effect – providing you with a huge advantage over other technologies. The result: a textile replacement with desirable textile properties.


Winter 2015

This winter will go down in the books the snowiest in Boston’s history, breaking snowfall records: Most snow in a week Most snow in 30 days As a comparison — the same view in the summer: The difference is 80″ (over 2 meters) of snow. Keeping the snow from accumulating on the roof is important: […]

Turn 2D into 3D

Most sheet materials (nonwovens, film, paper, textiles, composites) are two dimensional. Micrex compressive treatment technology allows you to alter an existing material to make it three dimensional. This transformation also changes other physical properties such as softnessbulkextensibility, and more.

These enhanced properties give designers new options that would be impossible with existing 2D materials.

At Micrex, we are in the business of helping customers explore this technology to commercialize new products: