The Micrex Process can improve the absorbency of your sheet materials.

Add Absorbency to Increase Performance and Lower Cost

More internal volume translates into more absorbency. In fact, an equal weight of spunlace will absorb and retain over 20% more fluid. The result: a significant increase in performance and/or cost savings.

Absorbency can also be a by-product of other Micrex properties such as softness, drape and bulk.

Traditional Measures of Absorbency

  • Speed of absorption
  • Absorbent capacity
  • Total absorbency
  • Absorbent efficiency

By combining different process settings and fiber blends, Micrex can enhance absorbency in each of these measures.

Micrex would like to introduce a new measure of absorbency — Dynamic Absorbency

Technical Q & A

For absorbency statistics and a more detailed explanation on how this applies to a particular product, see:

pdfWet Wipe Process – Question and Answer