It is easy to test out new product ideas with Micrex (as often as you like).

Micrex offers three types of trials: Free Screening Trials, Development Trials, and Production Trials.

Screening trials are the entry point for most companies’ exploration of Micrex Technology. The program is designed to be a quick, easy, and essentially cost-free method of learning about how Micrex can alter the properties of your materials.

Free Screening Trial:

  • Complete lab trial free of charge with your material
  • Includes lab set-up, trial, analysis and report –
    Customer is only responsible for any shipping and duty
  • Add a variety of attributes to existing products and materials, creating a new, improved product – Add softness, bulk, stretch and extensibility, pre-shrinking, decorative effects, and absorbency
  • Fast results: Micrex usually delivers Screening Trial results within 2 – 3 days of receipt of material
  • Do it again.  Innovation is all about trying things.  Micrex has no restriction on the number of free Screening Trials.  Our best customers are those who take advantage of this service most often.

pdfStart a Screening Trial – Click Here for Instructions

  • Call or email Micrex to discuss any details
  • Processed material will be returned to you within a few days.


Additional Resources:

pdf Technical Note 116 – Substrate Design