Contract-680x190In order to assist customers in utilizing Micrex Technology in their products, we maintain one 2.2 meter, two 1.7 meter and one 3.0 meter Micrex/Microcreper systems at our facility outside of Boston in the United States. This equipment is available for research and development, production testing and long or short-term contract converting on all nine configurations of the Micrex/Microcreper.

Unlike most contract converting, at Micrex we believe in absolute transparency in pricing. Contract converting at a 1.7 meter width is based on valuing machine time at $300 per hour. This allows a per cost per unit of length to be calculated.

As Micrex can achieve high utilization and efficiency of the equipment, contract converting is the low-cost way to utilize the Micrex Process.

Long Term Contract Converting / Equipment Purchase / Technology License

Micrex offers ongoing contract converting services, as well as the option to purchase equipment. This enables a successful product to be eventually taken “in-house”.  Please contact us to discuss these options.