production-trials-680x190Micrex offers three types of machine trials: Screening, Development, and Production Trials. Development trials allow for further testing and refinement of the process. In Production trials, the machinery and materials are tested under near production conditions for longevity and reliability.

Development Trial

  • Run as a follow-up to a successful screening trial
  • Refine treatment and test product viability by sampling your customers
  • Work closely with Micrex in the development cycle to:
    • Explore different Microcreper configurations
    • Realize product improvements before moving to full-scale production.
  • Read more about the Micrex Microcreper
  • Timing/Duration: The development phase usually takes from a couple of months to one year
  • Success Rate of 1 in 4
  • Cost: These trials are charged at $425 per hour – 4 hour minimum. The fee is determined by time, labor, materials, etc.  Contact us for specific information concerning the trial fee schedule.

Production Trial

  • Run as a follow-up to successful development trials
  • Final step before full-scale production
  • Verify the successful application of the Micrex Process to your product
  • Delivers near production conditions to rigorously test the configuration and materials
  • Work with Micrex to simulate production conditions and refine specifications, as you build your market
  • Success Rate of 70%
  • Cost: The Production Trial charges are calculated from a $300 per hour base rate.

The customer may also wish to arrange for a representative to visit Micrex during a development or production trial. Micrex encourages such a visit and can help arrange travel logistics, including lodging, car rentals, etc.

Sending Materials To Micrex:

For initial small scale screening trials:

Rolls of 10″ (250 mm) width on 3″ (76 mm) cores. Weight should be less than 50 lbs. (22 Kg).

Materials should be sent directly to Micrex in Walpole via DHL, FedEx or UPS.  For foreign shipments — these carriers do their own customs clearing.

For full scale production trials:

Width – 20″ (500 mm) to 40″ (1000 mm) preferred – 10″ (250 mm) minimum to 72″ (1825 mm) maximum.  Base Roll 100 to 200 yards or meters minimum – 40″ (1000 mm) diameter maximum. 10″ (250 mm) to 20″ (500 mm) diameter preferred on new trials for set-up and process control. 3″ (76 mm) I.D. cores – 2000 lbs. (900 Kg) maximum weight. Ship large or multiple rolls on pallets.

Small samples sent via FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. should be sent directly to Micrex:

Micrex Corporation
17 Industrial Road
Walpole, MA 02081 U.S.A.

Tel. 508.660.1900, Fax. 508.660.1818



Larger shipments via sea or airfreight should be sent directly to our customs broker:

Micrex Corporation
c/o Pioneer International
26 Princess Street
Wakefield, MA 01880 U.S.A.

Tel. 781.213.9450, Fax. 781.213.9459