• Absorbency can be controlled or increased


    Enhance the speed of absorbency, absorbent capacity, and total absorbency with the Micrex Process >
  • Bulk is a critical property to other attributes


    Increase bulk by 20% to 300% with Micrex Technology for improved cushioning, airflow, drainage, insulation, and absorbency >
  • Stretch and extensibility can improve function


    Micrex Technology can add extensibility and degrees of stretch to your products at a much lower cost than elastomerics >
  • Decorative and aesthetic effects are important in all products


    In fashion the "crepe look" has long been available for textiles -- Micrex has now brought these decorative effects to nonwovens and composites >
  • Pre-shrinking can solve problems as well as improve performance


    Pre-shrinking eliminates the shrinking or shortening of many substrates when wet and subsequently dried. Further it can allow for compressing more absorbent material into a given space >
  • Softness is critical when a material contacts humans


    The Micrex Process softens a substrate through “working” or “breaking” the web >

Industry Applications

Products range from the battlefield to high fashion, and from power generation all the way to healthcare. Smart companies worldwide have learned how to innovate new products with The Micrex Process.

Micrex Innovation Lab

Innovation is all about speed. The Micrex Innovation Lab is configured to allow customers to quickly test product concepts. When successful - the transition to full scale production is nearly seamless.

Materials Processed

Nonwovens, Papers, Films, Textiles and Composite Structures all can be enhanced using the Micrex Process to dramatically alter their physical properties.


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