Industry Applications

Products range from the battlefield to high fashion, and from power generation all the way to healthcare. Smart companies worldwide have learned how to innovate new products with The Micrex Process.

Micrex Innovation Lab

Innovation is all about speed. The Micrex Innovation Lab is configured to allow customers to quickly test product concepts. When successful - the transition to full scale production is nearly seamless.

Materials Processed

Nonwovens, Papers, Films, Textiles and Composite Structures all can be enhanced using the Micrex Process to dramatically alter their physical properties.


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Technical Notes

Technical Notes are documents focused on particular areas to give you more detailed information about our technology.


iceberg-300x100Much of what we do at Micrex is invisible. Like an iceberg, 90% is beneath the surface.


Patents & Papers

Recent patents and applications give an overview of what our global customers are thinking.