In fashion the “crepe look” has long been available for textiles – now these decorative effects can be added to nonwovens and composites with MICREX technology.

How Micrex Adds Decorative Effects to Your Products: Click on Video to Watch

In Europe and Asia there are several Micrex®/Microcrepers™ producing textiles used in high end women’s shirting, bathing suits, and home furnishings (drapes, bedspreads, shower curtains).

Possible Crepe Styles

There are a range of possible crepe styles, but the type of substrate and the “recipe” used to make it will determine which styles will work. Generally textiles will accept the widest range of patterns, followed by nonwovens, then paper, and lastly — films.

Micrex Takes Your 2D Products and Makes Them 3D

This ability to take a 2D substrate and give it 3D properties provides an opportunity for a single substrate to be converted into a range of products with different functional and aesthetic qualities.  For example, spunlace used in medical gowns and industrial wipes can be given both stretch and a range of differentiating looks through Microcreping™.

pdf Technical Note 117 – Decorative Effects