Erection and Start-up Assistance:

All the equipment furnished by Micrex shall be erected and started up by, and at the expense of, the purchaser. There is available, however, upon the request of the purchaser, the service of Micrex field service personnel for consultation and advice in the erection, installation and start-up of Micrex equipment. This service is provided with the understanding that the Micrex service personnel will function only as technical consultants and coordinators in an advisory capacity, and shall have no responsibility for the supervision or the quality of workmanship of such installation, erection and/or start-up, such responsibility to be that of the purchaser.

The failure to have proper mechanical check out by Micrex field personnel will void our mechanical warranty.

Service Rates:

Service rates are applicable for all the time the field employee spends on the job as well as in traveling to or from either our designated plant or point of residence of the employee. Any holdover time, i.e. time where the employee is required to stay on the job site because time does not permit travel home, or for the convenience of the customer, shall be at the regular rates.

Monday-Friday $2,400 / 8-hr. day – minimum charge 4 hrs.

Other Service Considerations:

It is required that our service personnel have single rooms in first class hotel or motel accommodations where these are available. The charges for all living and travel expense will be for the account of the customer. Travel, if by public conveyance or rented automobile, will be at cost.

Service Requirement Notification:

Our objective is to provide the best service possible. Experience has proven that one of the best ways to accomplish this is to schedule our employees to arrive on the job site when they are needed –but not before. Our personnel are in short supply from time to time, and personnel with the special skills you may require may not be available on short notice. In other instances, for a shorter duration of service, we request that at least a minimum of 10 days notice be given prior to requirement of our service personnel. We will endeavor to comply with the requested time schedule, but cannot in all cases do so. In the event that emergencies arise, we will try our best to accommodate customer’s requirements.

Insurance & Warranty:

Micrex service personnel are fully covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

Micrex makes no warranty either expressed or implied or by trade usage in connection with the services of its field personnel and shall have no liability direct, indirect or for any loss, damage, injury or expense resulting from or arising out of their services other than by reason of their negligence, and in no event for consequential injury or damage or for any amount in excess of the cost of repair or replacement of a specific part damaged by their negligence.