Products can be enhanced by altering a combination of properties.

Individual properties include:

Extensibility & Stretch

Add stretch and extensibility to your products with Micrex Technology.  We understand stretch as extensibility with a degree of elastic recovery.

Softness, Drape & Hand

Enhance softness in your products with the Micrex Process, a critical property whenever a substrate comes in contact with the human body


Increased bulk allows for improved cushioning, airflow, drainage, insulation, and absorbency, among other attributes.


Alter absorbent efficiency, speed of absorption, and total absorbency with The Micrex Process.

Decorative Effects

Add the crepe look to your nonwoven or textile – a high fashion effect executed with the Micrex/Microcreper.



Pre-shrink your products with the Micrex Process.  Pre-shrinking eliminates the shrinking or shortening of many substrates when wet and subsequently dried.

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