Your Partner for Nonwoven, Paper, Film, Textile, and Composite Product Development

Product development is all about speed.  At Micrex, we know that success comes from the ability to quickly try things and fail – fast. That’s why our lab is outfitted to get materials in and out the door quickly.

At Micrex, you can try out new ideas as often as you like.

The Micrex/Microcreper
Every day materials from around the world arrive at Micrex for Screening Trials. We can test on all nine configurations of the Micrex/Microcreper in our lab — accomplishing in a few hours what might take weeks in a traditional production environment.

The Micrex Solution – No Cost Screening Trials
Product testing is at the core of The Micrex Process. Every successful Microcreped product started out as small, hard-to-run hand sheets.

Quick Turnaround from Trial to Production
Development never takes a back seat to production at Micrex. Our facility is outfitted to scale-up to production equipment quickly, ensuring a timely turnaround.

Long History of Innovation and Production
We’ve been around a long time. Since the 1960’s, Micrex has been creating solutions using our patented Micrex/Microcreper technology, enhancing existing products with bulk, absorbency, softness/drape, pre-shrinking, and stretch/extensibility.