Micrex processed paper wrapped over cable

Micrex processed paper wrapped over cable

Important developments have reduced or eliminated limitations on several technical applications for the Micrex Process.

For example, Microcreped Nomex® paper is now distributed globally in a wide variety of electrical applications. Aramid paper can be used as high temperature electrical insulation inside windmills and in small modern electrical generators. Micrex Technology provides flex to conform to the bending of electrical leads, as well as stretch to increase the working strength of the paper.

Other materials or hybrids that could be used with this application include:

  • Paper and film composites
  • Films, including metalized films
  • Metals such as aluminum, copper
  • Dry type materials and wraps
  • Tapes for adhesive application

Microcreped paper for Electrical Insulation Wrap is another example. Reported test results far exceed that of comparable “wet” crepe.

The traditional wet crepe process utilizes additives for the creping process; whereas Micrex eliminates the use of all additives, resulting in a cleaner process, and more importantly:

  • Better dielectrics
  • Improved absorbency time and permeability for use in saturated applications
  • Wider processing width (up to 2 meters)
  • Higher processing speed
  • Reduced energy and additive costs.

Result: reduced cost with similar or improved technical characteristics.

Micrex continues to develop a better understanding of a wide range of products for electrical applications that require extensibility, conformity and higher technical results.

Nomex is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company