All segments of the healthcare industry use Micrex enhanced substrates.

Surgical sponges, wound care products and sophisticated medical devices can be enhanced in three different ways:

  1. Increased bulk improves absorbency and softness
  2. Conformability allows the device to better form around an injury
  3. Absorbency is often increased 15% – 25%, allowing either higher performance or cost savings by using less material.

Barrier products provide another application for Micrex technology in healthcare.

Enhancing drape, hand, noise reduction and extensibility allows substrates which might otherwise be ill suited, to be used as successful barriers.

This applies to products all the way from personal protective apparel, covers, sheets,  and CSR wrap to wall coverings and building materials.

 CASE STUDY – Cast Wrap

 CASE STUDY – Medical Nonwovens

These critical applications all started out as Screening Trials at Micrex. To find out how Micrex Technology can enhance your products, contact us.