iceberg-300x200At Micrex, our goal is to help customers develop new products utilizing Micrex’s Compressive Treatment Technology. In fact, our technology is our product.

We have refined our development process by working with R&D teams from leading global roll good manufacturers and product goods companies.



We are guided by these principles:

  • Quick response time and rapid prototyping
  • Ability to rapidly go from a lab-scale prototype to global product sourcing
  • Minimized cost at all stages of development
  • Respect for our customers’ IP and confidentiality.

We take confidentiality seriously, both as it applies to your technology as well as Micrex Technology.

For this reason – like the iceberg, 90% of what we do is invisible from the surface. Underneath you will find a variety of properties that we can add to your existing products to create new ones.

Please note that confidentiality requirements are defined by a Confidential Disclosure Agreement executed by both parties. The absence of such an agreement denotes the absence of confidentiality obligations.

pdf Micrex CDA Template