Building and Construction

Micrex processed materials can be used in the manufacture of the automobile, as well as around it.

With Micrex Technology you can add the properties of conformability, bulk and inexpensive decorative effects to your products – and as a mechanical process, it is also environmentally friendly.



Concepts (Inside the automobile):

  • Sound insulation
  • Conforming adhesive strips of sound deadening material
  • Creped paper for the inside of door panels and head liner
  • Specialty wipes used for surface preparation prior to painting
  • Battery separators
  • Inexpensive but aesthetically appealing material for the surface of door panels and headliner.

Concepts (Outside the automobile):

  • Filter media dry – air and cabin
  • Protective layer for shipping
  • Filter media wet – oil
  • Specialty wipes used for cleaning or applications of protective liquids (e.g., tire cleaner).