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The One Best Way (Part 6): Cowboy Coding

Software development is hard. Whether it is combining incredible levels of creativity and complexity, or talking about the high rates of failure – the debate about software design and development techniques has a lot of relevance to other disciplines. We have already touched on the use of a grand design. This is sometimes referred to […]

The One Best Way (Part 5): Gates

Are gates the best way to manage product development? Establishing “gates” through which projects must pass if they are to be pursued is a common practice in product development organizations. I actually like “gating”, for it provides structure as well as an intellectual framework around the investment of scarce developmental resources. Naturally there are consultants […]

The One Best Way (Part 4): Creativity

Looking closer at whether there is one best way to solve a particular problem: let’s look at creativity and bringing it into your company. Can it be taught? Probably to some degree. How to invent, be more creative, or develop new products has always been part art and part science. George Bernard Shaw wrote in Man […]

The One Best Way: Open Innovation (Part 3)

Is there “one best way” to do innovation? On the surface, Open Innovation is pretty appealing. There is a huge amount of information “out there” that you can use to deal with a problem quickly and efficiently. www.openinnovation.net presents a good overview of the philosophy behind this movement. But before charging in — some caution is […]

Hope Is Not a Strategy – Odds of Success (Part 2)

Recently I corresponded with a reader who was concerned about the implied negativity around the “odds” of success described in these posts. I have done quite a bit of research on the odds around product development and am comfortable with my numbers. It is not much different than saying that 1 out of 5 small […]