A Sense of Urgency (Part 2)

In case you need reminding — we write often about speed.  Speed to market, fail fast, Agile development.

We are continually amazed how some organizations seem to want to drag out the whole process.  Delays getting samples, delays testing. Lots of meetings and conversations.

The old phrase – time is money – could not be truer today.  Time means the opportunity cost of the resources employed in a project.  Time means technology bypassing your plan, market or technology.  Time means a competitor beating you.  Time is probably your most valuable resource, and when you run out of it — you are finished.


The Decline of our Industrial Base

Thirty-five years ago, when Micrex became an independent company, there were ten tool and die makers nearby. Now there is one. You can argue that the skills are obsolete, and the future belongs to technologies like AI, but the reality is that maintaining these skills and our industrial base is critical to our nation. Custom dies and tooling precede mass production and automation.

At Micrex we are continuing to invest in machine tools so that when someone has a good idea, we can try it immediately.  Speed is important and we are committed to getting our customers to market quickly.  You can’t do that without tooling.