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Turn 2D into 3D

Most sheet materials (nonwovens, film, paper, textiles, composites) are two dimensional. Micrex compressive treatment technology allows you to alter an existing material to make it three dimensional. This transformation also changes other physical properties such as softness, bulk, extensibility, and more. These enhanced properties give designers new options that would be impossible with existing 2D materials. At Micrex, […]

How Trials Work

The Micrex Innovation Lab has the capability to take a product from trial to development all the way to full-scale production. Trials are easy at Micrex – and get results fast: Download “Screening Trial Information” and send the completed form along with your material to Micrex. Call or email Micrex to discuss any details. Micrex […]

Micrex has Gone Green

Micrex has now been “landfill-free” for over two years. As the Micrex Process is inherently clean, thinking creatively about waste streams was something new for our team. Ultimately, we ended up with a better understanding of what is truly “green”, and what is more likely “greenmail”.